How is my overall score calculated?

Your overall score is an average of all your category scores. Play all the games in each category to receive an overall score. The more you play, the better your chances of improving your overall score!


How is my category score calculated?

Category scores are calculated as the average of your top three scores for each game within a category.


How is each game score calculated?

Within each game, you gain points for correct answers and lose points for incorrect answers. Your final game score is based on the number of correct answers minus the number of incorrect answers.


Is JobFlare free?

Yes! The JobFlare app is free for job seekers.


Is JobFlare available on Android?

To start, we launched JobFlare on iOS only, but we’re planning to develop an Android version soon. If you’re interested, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter where we’ll announce any updates we make to the app as soon as they happen. We appreciate your patience!


Can I access JobFlare on my desktop computer?

For now, JobFlare can only be accessed on a mobile iOS device, so either an iPhone or iPad. We are planning to create a desktop version in the future.


Where can I download JobFlare?

JobFlare is currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.


Can I edit or opt out of the job emails?

Yes, there are several ways to opt out of the job emails. When you sign up as a new user, you can opt out by unchecking the box that says “Receive daily job alerts via email.”

If you’re already a user, go to the Jobs tab in the bottom right of the app and toggle the button next to “Receive daily job alerts via email.” If you don’t see this option, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app!

You can also edit and refine your job alerts. At the top of your job alert email, click “Edit alert.” Here you can change the job title that the alerts will be based on, change the frequency that you receive emails, edit your email address, change the location or mile radius of job alerts, create new job alerts, and more.


How does JobFlare connect me with jobs?

We send emails with relevant job opportunities to people who might be a good fit based on their profiles. Top scorers may be contacted individually by our recruiters and presented with exclusive job opportunities. So go get that next high score!


How were JobFlare games validated?

JobFlare games were validated against well-established aptitude tests, demonstrating strong correlations with job-related abilities. The game scores and levels are derived from data based on norming groups.