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JobFlare helps you stand out by highlighting your potential to employers.

How It Works

Play Games

JobFlare’s brain games highlight your true potential by measuring cognitive aptitude, the most valuable predictor of job success.

About cognitive aptitude

Cognitive aptitude is the strongest predictor of job success – even stronger than resumes, interviews, or education. Your cognitive aptitude represents your ability to process information, learn quickly, and apply new information to solve problems.

Challenge Yourself

The more you play, the more accurately JobFlare reflects your abilities. Keep playing to improve – a higher score is more impressive to employers!

About your overall score

JobFlare uses a 5-star rating system to showcase your cognitive aptitude.

0-499 ~ 0 stars
500-599 ~ 1 star
600-699 ~ 2 stars
700-799 ~ 3 stars
800-899 ~ 4 stars
900-1000 ~ 5 stars

Continued play increases your chances of improving your overall score and earning your next star.

Get Hired

Play all six games to unlock the job inbox, gaining access to jobs at great companies. Applying to a Flare-ified job allows that employer to see your performance and recognize your hireability.

What is a Flare-ified Job?

Flare-ified jobs are opportunities with JobFlare’s partners. These are companies that value your smarts over your experience. These employers can see the JobFlare stars you’ve earned – and they know how impressive you are.

“JobFlare comes with six rapid-fire games designed specifically to measure the key qualities that employers are looking for, including logic, math, and verbal skills.”
“The games are designed to beef up skills that have been shown are useful to long-term job performance.”
“Gamifying the hiring process is a relatively new trend in the way companies find talented candidates, but it’s gaining traction.”

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