Play Games.

Get Hired.

JobFlare lets you play up your strengths to companies.

How It Works

Play Games

JobFlare’s brain games let you showcase your strengths by measuring your cognitive aptitude, the best predictor of job success.

About cognitive aptitude

Cognitive aptitude is the ability to process information, learn quickly, and solve problems. It’s the strongest predictor of job success – stronger than resumes, interviews, or education.

Challenge Yourself

Pass levels to unlock fresh challenges and new games. The more you play, the more accurately your scores reflect your abilities. Keep track of your progress by checking your Player Card.

About the Player Card

All the key details, all in one place. From aptitude scores to work history, your Player Card contains everything you need to get hiring managers interested. When you apply to jobs in-app, you’ll know exactly what signal you’re sending.

Get Hired

The final – and most important – step. Check out companies and apply to their openings in-app. When you apply to openings with JobFlare hiring partners, your Player Card is sent along with your application.

How do I Apply?

Head to the Jobs tab to view your matched openings and use the quick apply feature to connect with companies. Keep checking back for new opportunities.

“JobFlare comes with six rapid-fire games designed specifically to measure the key qualities that employers are looking for, including logic, math, and verbal skills.”
“The games are designed to beef up skills that have been shown are useful to long-term job performance.”
“Gamifying the hiring process is a relatively new trend in the way companies find talented candidates, but it’s gaining traction.”

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