Putting together a brilliant resume is as easy as ABC! Your resume is your first chance to make a strong impression on the hiring manager. It’s a way for you stand out from the crowd. And the best way to communicate your impact is by using strong resume verbs – the actions you take that made a difference. It’s easy to get caught up with the classics – assisted, helped, communicated – but managers see these words used so often that they’ve lost some of their strength.

It can be tough to come up with resume verbs that don’t feel cliche or inflated, especially when you’re early in your career. So we made a guide to help you out.

Like an episode of Sesame Street relevant to your adult woes!
Like an episode of Sesame Street relevant to your adult woes!
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It’s time spice up your resume (or cover letter) with some compelling, potent action words! We’ve put together a list of powerful resume verbs that span the alphabet so you can craft an impactful resume.

A – Accelerated.

Use it when you completed a project before the deadline, turned something around on a tight schedule, or pushed for faster completion.

B – Built.

You’re a doer – and you did things.

C – Collaborated.

It’s a lot like communicated, but implies that you know how to work on a team.

D – Delivered.

For when you consistently achieved your targets – not for when you were moonlighting as an UberEats driver.

E – Established.

Great for when you started an initiative at work.

F – Facilitated.

Like managed, but with a hint of implied delegation and teamwork.

G – Generated.

The perfect power verb for when you’re quantifying results – whether it’s monthly spreadsheets or sales.

H – Headed.

For times when you were a leader, not a follower.

I – Identified.

Implies great attention to detail – something all employers look for!

J – Joined.

Especially powerful when used to highlight interdepartmental projects, ie: “Joined forces with...”

K – Kicked Off.

For when you lead the charge for a new idea at work.

L – Launched.

Like Kicked Off, but rocket-powered.

M – Maximized.

Shows that you can do a lot with limited resources.

N – Navigated.

The perfect word to politely convey that you know how to handle rougher waters at work (without throwing your previous employer under the bus).

O – Organized.

Highlights your ability to get things done and stay on track.

P – Prioritized.

You know how to make sure that the most important things get done when they need to.

Q – Quantified.

Numbers don’t scare you.

R – Reduced.

Everyone’s trying to slash waste – and you know how to do it.

S – Streamlined.

For all the times you made bulky processes more efficient.

T – Transitioned.

Change is something that you’re prepared to handle.

U – Updated.

You’re hip! You’re with it! And you helped your last office get rid of their last floppy discs.

V – Visualized.

You help others see the possibilities and bring new ideas to fruition.

W – Worked.

This one is pretty obvious, but it becomes strong when you use it to showcase your collaboration skills, ie: “Worked with…”

X – Executed.

But if you want us to be technically correct: Xeroxed.

Y – Yielded.

Referring to your quantifiable impact, not your understanding of roundabout right-of-way.

Z – Zeroed In.

You know how to get in the zone and get things done.

There are lots ways to make a good enough resume, but if you want to craft one that really sets you apart from the competition, powerful resume verbs are your friend. And we just helped you make 26 of them!

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