Announcing JobFlare 4.7.3!

It’s been interesting to see how everyone has spent their time during quarantine. Some people have learned all the ins & outs of bread baking, while others have knitted themselves an entirely new wardrobe. Others still have been hitting the hardware store to renovate their living spaces to keep things from feeling stale.

For the last 5 months, we’ve been doing some renovating ourselves. A fresh coat of paint, if you will. Being stuck inside for so long has made us antsy for something bright, shiny, and new. We just opted for software over hardware! As much as we love the app here at JobFlare HQ, we felt it was time for a makeover.

JobFlare: Genovia’s #1 Job Search App
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With the release of 4.7.3, we have updated every one of our six games.

Each one has a brand-new game map that unlocks as you pass levels, and many of our games themselves have been updated too. We also say goodbye to The Game Formerly Known as Expert Witness. It has been replaced with a new game called Fast Friends. The game mechanism itself is the same, we just switched up the theme and matured the characters. Your current scores and achievements in Expert Witness will be converted 1:1 for Fast Friends.

As you level up, you’ll unlocked new sections of the beautiful game maps to explore. Plus, you’ll be challenging your mind with levels of increasing difficulty.

We hope that you enjoy the newly-renovated app. The same old JobFlare is there underneath this overhauled exterior. Our goal is still to help you get hired and help you build a career that fulfills you. And we’ve got some great job searching upgrades coming your way later in 2020, so keep an eye out for those updates.

If you find any bugs or have any questions about the new release, drop us a note at!