AI in Recruiting: How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Hiring Process

Artificial intelligence makes our lives easier in many ways. This is especially true if you work in recruiting. Manuel time-consuming processes like sourcing and resume screening can now be automated through the use of AI, saving recruiters tons of time. Here’s a look into the ways that automation can optimize your hiring process.

Automated Candidate Sourcing

The most widespread use of artificial intelligence in the recruiting process is identifying talent during candidate sourcing. Developments in AI have made it possible to analyze millions of candidate profiles and resumes to identify candidates that could be a potential fit for the job. All you need to do is input details like cognitive aptitude, core skills, specializations, education, and experience and the AI will compile the most relevant potential candidates.

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Automated Candidate Matching

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be a one-way street in the world of recruiting. AI can benefit employers and job seekers alike when automated candidate matching is executed effectively. Certain AI-enabled software allows companies to input details about their corporate culture and then asks job seekers what they’re looking for in a company to make a culture match.

Candidate matching can also be used to match a candidate’s skillset and abilities to a role by combining pre-employment test results with AI. This is especially useful because you can be certain that a candidate has the ability to succeed at specific job functions.

Candidate Matching

Automated Resume Screening

Resume screening is usually the most time-consuming part of the recruiting process, especially when you’re dealing with a high volume of applicants. While automated resume screening does have its pitfalls, it certainly helps you narrow down your candidate field. Using techniques like Natural Language Processing, recruiters can filter resumes based on specific details they’re looking for.

The Use of Natural Language Processing in Hiring

The main way AI can help you find specific candidates is through Natural Language Processing, or NLP. NLP is an advanced form of text analysis that goes beyond the simple Boolean keyword searches of old. In the past, all you could really do is search resumes for keywords that you were looking for like “MBA” or “Ruby on Rails”. Now NLP software can provide advanced insights based on computational linguistics models. Recruiters can use these insights to classify and rank applicants or even to identify personal traits.

Automated Candidate Engagement

Aside from resume review, recruiters spend more time communicating with candidates more than anything else. While AI chatbots may be lacking the personal touch of a human being, they do save a lot of time and can usually accomplish most tasks early in the recruitment process too. AI chatbots can even provide job seekers with a better experience in some cases too, since they can reply in a much timelier manner than a busy recruiter.

It’s not just Q&A that AI can help with when it comes to candidate engagement though. Bots using artificial intelligence can also help with scheduling and even execute automated candidate outreach campaigns. For instance, with software like JobFlare Connect, you manually input your prerequisites for a role and then invitations to apply are automatically sent out to users matching your criteria.

Improved Diversity Hiring with AI

One of the biggest issues with recruiting is the human element of implicit bias. Almost half of all applicants experience some form of discrimination in the hiring process. Recruiters and hiring managers might not even realize that their unconscious bias is impacting their hiring decisions, which makes it so difficult to correct.

The biggest problem is that personal details of an applicant like gender, race, age, and religion can often be inferred just but looking at a person’s resume. The good news is computers are immune to unconscious bias. Using AI for blind hiring at the beginning of your recruitment process is a great way to ensure that the most talented candidates get invited to interview, regardless of their personal background. The key to this is using truly objective evaluation criteria like cognitive aptitude scores from a pre-employment test.

Blind Candidate Evaluation

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JobFlare allows you to leverage all of the best parts of AI for a hiring process that’s automated and objective. Our userbase is made up of over 200,000 job seekers that have all taken our game-based assessments to attain their cognitive aptitude scores. You’ll be able to manually source candidates based on these scores alone for a truly objective review process or input the score ranges that you’re looking for and have job invites automatically sent out to candidates matching your pre-set conditions. Cognitive aptitude doesn’t just provide objective evaluation data though, it’s also the most predictive indicator of job success. That means that you’ll have the best chance possible at hiring the best person for the job.