Looking for a sign? Astrology is experiencing a cultural resurgence among Gen Z and Millennials that it hasn’t seen since the 70s. Perhaps in an uncertain world, we’re more willing to seek advice from celestial sources. Whether you regularly trust in the stars to help you make informed decisions, or just find astrology fun, horoscopes are a great way to gain introspection. Even for your career! And with Aries season right around the corner, we thought it’d be perfect to start with our enthusiastic fire signs.

Without even checking your birth chart’s 10th house, we’ve got some great career insight for our Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius friends. Is your curiosity piqued?  Then take a peek into our glimmering crystal ball and find some career advice for fire signs.

Career Advice for Aries


Aries Career Advice
Curious, Eager, and Competitive. 
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You’re all about bold, new ideas. With that in mind, you’re best aligned to find jobs that let you explore fresh perspectives. Roles that are dynamic will work especially well for you. A job that forces you into a stale routine in a grey cubicle? You might as well be in a prison. You’re more likely to thrive in an open office, were you can see and connect to others. When you head onsite for an interview, take note of the work environment and general office vibes.

You enjoy forging new, exciting paths and tackling roadblocks head on (horns are good for that sort of stuff). But remember you’ll accomplish more with a great team behind you. Sometimes you have a tendency to get a bit distracted by your next big project before the last one has finished.

Be sure to find a workplace that allows for some flexibility. You’ll flourish in an environment that keeps things fresh and exciting for you so you don’t get stuck in a rut.

Career Advice for Leos


Leo Career Advice
Outgoing, Courageous, and Energetic.
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You’re a bit of a workaholic – as long as you’re passionate about what you’re doing. It’s a good idea to take inventory of the things that drive you so you can find a work environment that keeps you engaged. Companies that prioritize innovation over tradition would help stimulate your desire to lead the pack and beat out competitors.

You enjoy both reaching your lofty goals, and the recognition of said achievements. Careers that let your extroverted side shine will energize you. If you like engaging with new people, a career in sales or event planning will be a good fit.

Your career will take off like a rocket if you find a company that promotes from within. It’s a great question to ask during your interview. Since you’re a natural-born leader, you’ll easily scale the corporate ladder.

Career Advice for Sagittarius


Sagittarius Career Advice
Flexible, Adventurous, and Independent.
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Ever nimble and eager for what’s coming next, you’re excited to try new things. Look for companies that embrace internal talent mobility.  Internal mobility will let you can explore different departments and expand your skill set without having to change careers. During an interview, ask about internal mobility so you can explore the full depth of your potential.

Aside internal mobility, you’ll flourish at companies that promote mobility in general. You should consider jobs that allow for travel or require field work, like flight attendants and scientific researchers. You’ll also benefit from companies that provide remote work opportunities so you can take your work wherever your adventurous heart calls you to go.

Are you a fire sign who tends to look after you’ve leapt? Consider taking some of our career advice for fire signs to heart. At JobFlare, we know your career trajectory isn’t written in the stars. But we do hope that your learned (just a little) about yourself and how leverage your natural strengths during your job search.