Want to improve candidate experience and your hiring process all at once?

Gamification is all the rage across industries, but it hasn’t quite reached recruitment yet. With the intersection of a tight labor market and the ever-growing importance of making the right hire the first time, gamification could be the perfect solution to current hiring hurdles.

You may have heard a thing or two about pre-employment testing. It has a lot of great benefits, from finding quality candidates to reducing your employee turnover. But the big question is how?

It’s because most pre-employment tests measure cognitive aptitude. It’s an objective way to evaluate prospective hires. Cognitive aptitude is the best predictor of job success (aside from actually doing a trial of the role). It’s two times more predictive than interviews, three times more predictive than work experience, and four times more predictive than education background.

Currently, the only way for hiring managers to get this ultra-valuable data point is to have their candidates take standardized tests. Which – surprise, surprise! – candidates aren’t too fond of. A lot of job seekers see the tests as just another obstacle to getting hired. On top of that, they don’t often understand why they are being tested on the spatial reasoning or how their ability to complete a pattern demonstrates their qualifications for a job.

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Testing can sometimes result in a less-than-perfect candidate experience. They can breed anxiety and frustration for test takers. Think about it… When was the last time you were excited to take a test?

In a candidate-driven job market, it’s important to keep your potential hires engaged from the start to finish. So how can you get information on a candidate’s cognitive aptitude in a more enjoyable way?

Brain games are the answer.

JobFlare has developed six short brain games that measure different aspects of a candidate’s cognitive abilities. Stuff that really matters, like attention to detail, communication skills, logic, and math skills (and yes, math does matter in the workplace).  Our games are scientifically validated against industry-leading aptitude tests, so they are proven to accurately capture a candidate’s brainpower.

JobFlare allows candidates to play the games in a relaxed environment where stress won’t negatively impact their performance. Our games are both addictive and predictive – the perfect combo for a positive candidate experience. And that’s a potent ingredient for successful recruitment. 78% of candidates will be more likely to recommend your jobs to their friends – expanding your talent pool in a tight labor market.

And you’ve heard of nestling pre-employment testing somewhere in your hiring funnel. Typically, adding any form of assessment to your hiring funnel adds anywhere from 3.5 to 5.7 days to your recruiting process.  JobFlare measures cognitive aptitude before candidates even enter your funnel, so your time-to-hiring isn’t impacted and candidates come pre-evaluated. We developed a job searching platform that’s both candidate and employer-friendly. They get to prove their skills and potential in a fun, relaxed environment, and you get all the data you need to make an informed hiring decision. A win-win for e-Recruitment!

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Gamification is a huge win for you and your prospective employees. While it might not be the industry standard yet, gamification has the potential to revolutionize your hiring process. Get ahead of the curve with JobFlare.