Hiring With Game-Based Assessments

Hire with Game Based Assessments

What are Game-Based Assessments?

Game-based assessments combine the best qualities of pre-employment assessments and brain games to provide the benefits of both. They take traditional pre-employment tests and turn them into a fun, game-like experience. The primary benefit of game-based assessments is that employers get the same actionable data that pre-employment assessments provide, while offering a better experience to job seekers.

JobFlare and Criteria Corp

JobFlare was born out of Criteria Corp’s mission to help our clients leverage predictive tools to identify quality job
candidates. Criteria Corp is the leading provider of pre-employment tests with over 4,500 clients worldwide. As a division of Criteria Corp, we offer both JobFlare game-based assessments and HireSelect, Criteria’s web-based pre-employment testing system. JobFlare’s brain games
were developed by the Criteria Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of some of the world’s leading experts in statistics, psychometrics, cognitive psychology, and applied testing.

CCAT Validation

The construct validity of each of JobFlare’s mobile brain games was established by comparing scores to the scores and subscores of the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, or CCAT. The CCAT is a leading pre-employment aptitude test that has been administered over 4,000,000 times. Both the CCAT and JobFlare measure a candidate’s overall cognitive aptitude, which is proven to be the #1 predictor of job success by decades of psychological research

How JobFlare’s Brain Games Can Help With Hiring

Traditional pre-employment assessments and game-based assessments provide very similar information, but they do have some key differences. The main difference is the point during the recruiting process in which the assessments are taken. Traditional assessments are typically assigned to candidates during the hiring process. However, JobFlare’s game-based assessments can be taken voluntarily by job seekers before they even apply and shared with employers voluntarily or used to attract the attention of employers by making the applicant stand out to employers through JobFlare’s JobFlare Connect platform.

Access to Pre-Credentialed Applicants

With JobFlare you’ll have access to our entire userbase of pre-qualified job seekers and be able to see detailed information about their cognitive ability when they apply. This creates an objective review process rather than a subjective one. That means your initial impressions will be exclusively based on predictive data, making it easier to identify the brightest candidates.

Pre Assessed Candidates

Faster Recruitment Process

Pre-evaluated candidates save you time throughout your recruiting process. Access to information on a candidate’s cognitive ability allows you to focus on candidates who are much more likely to succeed on the job, meaning fewer unproductive phone screens and fewer wasted interview hours. Our automated career campaigns will even reach out to top performing candidates for you and invite them to apply. Plus, you don’t need to send out a traditional assessment – your candidates are already evaluated, shaving off an average of 7 to 9 days from your time-to-hire.

Blind Resume Review

Higher Quality Interviews

When a candidate applies to your job posting, you’ll be able to see their overall cognitive ability score and have access to their individual category subscores.

  • Mental Fitness: measures attention to detail, learning ability, focus, and memory.
  • Verbal Ability: measures verbal skills, communication skills, and vocabulary.
  • Quantitative Ability: measures mathematical ability, numerical prowess, and logical reasoning.

With a more holistic understanding of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, you can better tailor an interview to the candidate and have more productive interviews.

Game-Based Assessments - 4. Higher Quality Interviews

Improved Candidate Experience in the Job Search Process

The job search process shouldn’t be a headache for job seekers. Candidate experience is more important than ever, which is one of the primary reasons why we created game-based assessments. Our application can effectively measure cognitive aptitude in under 5 minutes using brain games instead of an aptitude test. After playing our games, candidates can activate our quick apply feature to apply to jobs in seconds.

Improved Candidate Experience

A Better Mobile Job Search Solution

Searching for jobs on phones and tablets is more popular than ever before, but despite advancements in mobile technology, applying for a job on a mobile device hasn’t gotten much easier. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly application process, then you’re missing out on talent. Our mobile-first model makes it easy to apply in-app with a resume and game scores in just a few taps.

Send Application Invitations

Additional Data for Hiring Decisions

The standard candidate evaluation factors are interviews, work experience, resume, and education. These can all be useful evaluation criteria and we don’t recommend that you abandon any of them. However, because of inherent biases that exist in the review process we do recommend using cognitive aptitude as your initial evaluation criterion. Not only is cognitive ability an objective data point, it’s the also most accurate predictor of job success by a sizable margin. Candidates with high cognitive aptitude scores are more intelligent and can learn quickly on the job.

Get Hired

The Importance of Predictive Validity in Pre-Employment Testing

While game-based assessments are fun and engaging, the most important element of any assessment is its ability to accurately predict job performance. If an assessment (game-based or otherwise) does not help to predict job performance on some level, there is little benefit to using it. In fact, using an invalid assessment can call into question the legality of your hiring process. In contrast, using scientifically validated assessments enhances the objectivity, equitability, and legal defensibility of your recruitment process.

scientific validation

Cognitive Aptitude and Its Place in the Hiring Process

Because predictive validity is so critical, cognitive aptitude testing has emerged as the most promising form of assessments. Cognitive aptitude is more than just an added data point – it’s actually the #1 predictor of job success by a wide margin. In fact, decades of research in organizational psychology have proven cognitive aptitude to be twice as effective at predicting future job success as interviews, three times as predictive as work experience and four times as predictive as education level.

Addressing the Skills Gap in the Job Market

The reality of a nationwide skills shortage is becoming increasingly clear. Job seekers don’t have the specific skills required to perform many jobs, so more training and teaching is required during the onboarding process. If your applicants need to learn new skills quickly then it’s important to make sure you’re hiring smart and teachable people. Cognitive aptitude is a key indicator of candidate trainability, adaptability, and learning ability.

What is Cognitive Aptitude?

At this point you’re aware that cognitive aptitude is predictive, but how is it defined? Cognitive aptitude is known by many names – brainpower, intellect, smarts, intelligence, just to name a few. Overall, cognitive aptitude is a measure of a person’s general intelligence.

What Does Cognitive Aptitude Measure?

  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Attention to Detail
  • Ability to Learn New Skills
  • Ability to Digest and Apply Information

These factors are key signs of future job performance because they provide an indication of how well an employee can pick up on training and adapt in a role over time. Cognitive ability traits like problem solving, adaptability, and learning ability are especially important for early-career roles because they signify an individual who can grow within your company.

Brain image

Our Game-Based Assessments

JobFlare has developed a series of fun and engaging mobile brain games that are scientifically validated to predict job performance. Our games only take 90 seconds each and are played right on your iPhone or Android, so your candidates can play anytime, anywhere.

Mental Fitness Brain Games

Robot Inspector
Testing Mental Fitness & Attention to Detail

This fast-paced spot-the-difference game assesses a candidate’s attention to detail. High Robot Inspector scores indicate a candidate who is likely to ensure that their work is accurate and catch and correct their own mistakes.

Expert Witness
Testing Memory & Learning Ability

This quick memory game tests a candidate’s ability to take in and retain information. High scores in Expert Witness indicate that a candidate is able to quickly process and recall information as needed.

Verbal Brain Games

Words of a Feather
Testing Communication Skills & Vocabulary

This game taps into the player’s vocabulary and sees just how impressive their verbal abilities are. High scores in this game means that candidates have a strong vocabulary, and as a result, are indicative of clear and impactful written communication skills.

Mumble Jumble
Testing Verbal Ability & Spatial Reasoning

This game packs a one-two punch: Mumble Jumble tests for both verbal ability and pattern recognition at once. Top scorers are likely to possess strong communication skills, problem solving skills, and high general intelligence.

Quantitative Brain Games

Weigh Station
Testing Mathematical Ability & Numerical Prowess

Weigh station inspects a candidate’s mental math skills. High scores in this game point to a candidate with strong mathematic abilities, which is essential in the workplace. Mathematically minded employees typically have stronger problem-solving abilities and are able to analyze and interpret data more easily.

Testing Problem Solving Ability & Quantitative Reasoning

Infruition is designed to measure logical thinking and Approximate Number Sense (ANS) – the ability to estimate quantity without actually counting. A person’s ANS is directly correlated with their higher-level math skills. Job seekers who score high on Infruition are more likely to have robust critical thinking skills and will be good problem solvers.

Who are Our Users?

Our userbase is made up of bright and talented job seekers that are looking for their next opportunity. JobFlare Connect will help you recognize and connect with these high-potential candidates. More specifically, our userbase is comprised mainly of early career job seekers. Some of them may be light on experience or lack an educational pedigree, factors that can be a significant obstacle for them in the traditional job search process. By highlighting a candidate’s intelligence, we allow them to stand out from the crowd, so you can find those diamonds in the rough.

Our Users

Hiring with JobFlare Connect

JobFlare Connect allows you to uncover the brainpower of your potential hires. JFC provides actionable data at nearly every step in the hiring process including candidate sourcing, evaluation, communication, interviews, and training. With JobFlare Connect you can highlight your company profile, review candidates sourced by JobFlare or outside sources, activate automated career campaigns, and communicate with candidates directly.

Benefits of JobFlare Connect

Automated Candidate Outreach Campaigns

We automatically send job seekers invitations to apply to your job postings. We only send invitations to candidates that fit your company’s pre-set search parameters. After that, it’s their choice to apply. You’ll rest easy knowing that we’re handling candidate sourcing for you even when you’re off the clock.

Searchable Database of Job Seekers

With JobFlare Connect, you’ll instantly be granted access to our entire database of pre-qualified job seekers and their anonymized cognitive ability and achievement scores. Search the database to find the best and brightest candidates – and then invite them to apply for your job postings.

Culture-Matching Candidates to Your Company Culture

You’ve worked hard to cultivate your corporate culture, so hiring employees that will be a good fit matters. Our culture match tool asks job seekers what’s most important to them in a company and then provides at percentage culture match to your company based on values you’ve specified on your profile.

Predictive Data on Job Performance

The cognitive aptitude scores from our brain games are scientifically validated and proven to reliably predict candidate potential and future performance. A candidate’s ability and achievement scores speak volumes about their intelligence, problem solving ability, communication skills, and determination. This data can go a long way in helping you determine who to interview and ultimately, who to hire.

Higher Application Completion Rate

The vast majority of our userbase has already played the games and activated quick-apply by uploading their resume, so the application process is incredibly easy for them. In fact, it just takes two or three taps to apply in most cases. This simplified application process significantly reduces candidate drop-off in the application process.

Direct Messaging with Applicants

JobFlare Connect makes communicating with your job candidates easier than ever. Our direct messaging feature allows you to send messages to your applicants right in the app. Candidate response time is much quicker in our direct messaging format when compared to email communication.

Get Stared with JobFlare Connect

We offer affordable pricing to save you time and money throughout your entire hiring process. Plus, our subscription-based model is all-inclusive, which means you can make as many hires as needed all for one low price.

Are you ready to start hiring smarter with JobFlare Connect? You can sign up for free with our complimentary 30-day free trial of JobFlare Connect right now. You’ll be up and running after completing these 3 easy steps:

  1. Post your job openings.
  2. Create your company profile.
  3. Connect with candidates.