There’s no doubt about it; the modern job hunt is definitively not enjoyable. Just ask Google:

Google Search for Job Hunting

But what if job hunting didn’t have to be this crushing, demoralizing experience?

What if the job search could be fun?

This is precisely what JobFlare sets out to do. The app features six fast-paced brain games designed for potential job-seekers, showcasing their cognitive abilities and matching them with job opportunities in their selected fields.

Wait. Getting a job… By playing games…?

Yes, I know, it seems too good to be true.

But it’s exactly what happened to me. I’m Meg and I got a job by playing JobFlare.

It all started because my friend shared a link to the JobFlare app on Facebook. As a lover of games and as someone who was bored with her current job and interested in making a career change, I downloaded it. I mean, I had nothing to lose. My job search was getting me nowhere, so I might as well have some fun with it, right?

I was hooked instantly. Some of the games came naturally, while others took a little getting used to (I’m looking at you, Infruition!), but I became fixated on improving my scores and increasing my rank. I made it to the top 500 users… then 100… then 50! Through sheer tenacity, my obsession propelled me to reach the top 10 of all users in less than two days.  I was having fun, starting little competitions between friends and family members, and I even got some interesting job application recommendations from it. For the most part though, it was my new Candy Crush, a fun little game that I was totally addicted to, for better or for worse.

Within days of achieving a top score, I received an email from Josh Millet – the creator of JobFlare – saying that he was impressed with my scores when they came up on their leader board. He could tell that I was very enthusiastic about the game. Since I live in Los Angeles, where the JobFlare team is based, he asked if he could give me a call to discuss an upcoming opportunity at JobFlare, if I was interested.

I couldn’t believe it. A direct request from an employer to talk about a job? And not just a boring office job, but a job that sounded fun and challenging?

Of course I was interested!

After a long chat with Josh the following day, we set up an interview to meet with other members of the JobFlare team the next week.

I was amazed that this was really happening. I had been trying to get an interview with dozens of companies for months prior, with no luck. Suddenly, because of an insanely fun and addictive app, I had been presented with an exciting opportunity. The interview went great! Meeting with the team was galvanizing; I was captivated when I heard about their vision for JobFlare and the role that I would have in making that vision a reality. I left their office that day giddy and eager to hear back.

And hear back I did. Within two weeks, Criteria Corp returned with their verdict: they wanted me to join their team. I still just couldn’t believe it. Playing a game on my phone, something I did every single day anyways, just landed me an unbeatable new job. Even more unbelievable was that I had no prior experience related to the position; I got the job because my scores indicated untapped potential and the ability to learn quickly. Had I applied for the same job with my resume alone, I would certainly have been passed over for a candidate with more relevant experience. Instead, because of my scores, I’m your new marketing coordinator for JobFlare!

JobFlare levels the playing field for job seekers. It gives you the ability to show off your raw abilities and potential in a way that can’t be revealed through a resume alone and is independent of the years of experience you have in any given field.

Backed by science and infused with fun, JobFlare is changing the game, literally.

Download JobFlare and give it a try – you never know what could happen!