Industries Most Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

The influence of the novel coronavirus is being felt by every industry in the nation in one way or another. Most businesses have had to cope with shifting their entire staff to remote work and many companies have had to close their doors altogether.

Industries experiencing the most job losses during coronavirus outbreak.

While many workers are lucky enough to have the option to work from home, millions of Americans do not have the option. According to the US Private Sector Job Quality Index, over 37 million jobs in the United States are vulnerable to layoffs. The report lists the following industries as the most vulnerable to job losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Bar graph detailing the potential job losses caused by the corona virus outbreak by industry.

1. Food and Beverage Industry

  • Businesses Affected: restaurants, bars, nightclubs, catering companies, cafes.
  • Jobs Affected: servers, bartenders, cooks, hosts, caterers, live entertainers.
Coronavirus Impact of Food and Beverage Industry

2. Retail and Clothing Industry

  • Businesses Affected: retail stores, non-essential shops, specialty shops.
  • Jobs Affected: retail store workers, cashiers, stockers, textile workers, designers.
Coronavirus Impact of Retail Industry

3. Hospitality Industry

  • Businesses Affected: hotels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, hostels,
  • Jobs Affected: hotel workers, resort staff, AirBnB renters, cruise staff.
Coronavirus Impact of Hospitality Industry

4. Automotive Industry

  • Businesses Affected: car dealerships, body shops, car washes, manufacturers, gas stations.
  • Jobs Affected: car salesmen, mechanics, car wash employees, gas station owners.
Coronavirus Affect on Automotive Industry

5. Education Industry

  • Businesses Affected: schools, universities, learning centers, educational product providers.
  • Jobs Affected: teachers, professors, school administrative employees, coaches, tutors.
Coronavirus Impact of Education Industry

6. Travel Industry

  • Businesses Affected: airlines, car rental companies, coach services, tour services.
  • Jobs Affected: airport workers, drivers, pilots, flight attendants, tour guides, travel agents.
Coronavirus Affect on Travel Industry

7. Membership-Based Businesses

  • Businesses Affected: fitness centers, country clubs, golf courses.
  • Jobs Affected: gym staff, personal trainers, golf course employees, country club staff.
Coronavirus Affect on the Gym and Golf Industry

8. Sports and Entertainment Industry

  • Businesses Affected: movie theaters, casinos, venues, sports broadcast, professional teams.
  • Jobs Affected: stadium/ venue staff, TV broadcast workers, movie theater employees.
Coronavirus Affect on Sports and Entertainment Industry

9. Real Estate Industry

  • Businesses Affected: residential real estate firms, commercial real estate firms.
  • Jobs Affected: real estate agents, property owners looking to sell.
Coronavirus Affect on Real Estate Industry

What Happens Next?

If you worked in one of these industries and lost your job due to COVID-19, there are industries still hiring. The landscape has changed for recruiters and hiring managers though. Many people who work in those industries will be filing for unemployment and looking for new jobs very soon if they haven’t already. This influx in unemployment will create a strain on the economy but will eventually make the recruiting and hiring process easier since there will be a much larger pool of job seekers. Then it just comes down to identifying top talent.

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