If you’ve been playing JobFlare for a while, you’ll have noticed some pretty big changes recently. JobFlare 2.0 just went live in the App Store and it’s got some sweet upgrades that we think you’ll love. Here’s what’s new!


Detailed Score Screen 

How are you stacking up against the average Words of a Feather player?

Now once you finish a game, you can tap on the “Score Details” button to see all the game stats, how your last game impacted your overall score, and how close you are to the next level!

JobFlare 2.0 Score Screen

Levels Explained

You asked for it, so we’ve given it to you! You’re now able to see what perks each level unlocks.

JobFlare 2.0 Level Explanation

New-and-Improved Performance Tab

Want to know how you’re doing?

Our revamped performance tab is chock-full of details on how you compare to other JobFlare users!

JobFlare 2.0 Performance Tab

More Job Details 

Now you can also add more detail to your job profile. For example, you can now tell us whether or not you’re interested in relocating for work. That way, if we have the perfect job for you but it’s on the other side of the country, we know that we should still send it your way!

You can also tell us how many years of work experience you’ve got under your belt.  Once you hit the Advanced or Expert levels, this helps our Talent Scouts find the best jobs for your skill level.

If you’re already a JobFlare user, you can add these details by tapping on the “Jobs” tab and editing your information.

JobFlare 2.0 Experience Entry


Ready to see it for yourself?

Make sure you’ve got the most recent version loaded up on your device and check it out!