The wait is over! Job seekers rejoice – JobFlare is now available for Android.

We are so excited to be bringing JobFlare to the Google Play Store. Now we can help even more people find awesome jobs! With JobFlare, you’re able to measure and demonstrate your smarts, look for jobs, and apply directly in the app. Now you’ll have an answer to the dreaded “how’s the job search going” questioning your relatives will sling your way over the holidays.

JobFlare aims to change the game when it comes to getting hired. We believe that the job search doesn’t have to suck and that you are more than just your resume. JobFlare’s games are designed to measure your cognitive ability, the single best predictor of job performance. That’s because smart employees can learn and adapt quickly to new roles. We want to give you a way to show off your brain power – directly to employers!

The more you play the games, the more accurately your overall score represents your cognitive abilities. As your scores increase, you’ll earn stars that represent your potential and hireability to employers. Hiring managers at Flare-ified partner companies will be able to see (and appreciate) your star rating, and help move you further down their hiring funnel.

If you notice any bugs or have any issues, please reach out to our support team (that’s what they’re there for!) at Giving detailed information, along with your device type and OS will help us resolve issues faster.  As always, we welcome your suggestions and feedback so we can continue to build an app that truly serves our users.

Whether you use it to stand out in your job search or help train your brain for pre-employment tests is up to you. We wanted to get everything just right in the app before releasing Android. Thank you for your patience – we hope it was worth the wait! Download JobFlare for Android on Google Play today!