Today we are proud to announce the launch of JobFlare, a new iOS app designed to help job seekers get connected with great job opportunities based on their abilities. The app features a series of brain games that measure qualities that employers look for in their employees. Job seekers download the app, play the games, and are sent job postings via email that may be a match for them. The highest performers on the app will be contacted individually by JobFlare’s team of Talent Scouts to connect them to hand-selected job opportunities at companies that are looking for the best and brightest.

For too long, employers have relied on reading resumes and conducting interviews to vet potential employees. The problem is that these methods don’t work very well. As many studies have shown, resumes and interviews are not very predictive of job performance. Resumes are particularly unhelpful when trying to get to know job seekers who don’t have much experience.

JobFlare is focused on measuring those abilities that have been proven to drive long-term performance, and so are most desired by employers, including attention to detail, problem-solving, critical thinking, and verbal and math skills. Together, these abilities show off your raw potential to learn quickly and excel at work.

Download JobFlare today and play up your strengths! You may just land your dream job!

Josh Millet
JobFlare CEO