JobFlare 4.7 Has Arrived!


With the launch of JobFlare 4.7, we’re excited to introduce our latest feature: JobFlare Insights! It’s a personality quiz designed specifically to detect career-related personality traits and help you understand how to best leverage them.

This gamified personality quiz can help you identify and understand your strengths, specifically in the work environment. You’re given a simple statement and asked to choose whether the statement is “Like Me” or “Not Like Me” in 4 seconds. It might be short, but go with your gut! There are no wrong answers. JobFlare Insights will determine some of your most notable traits – those that are most prominent in your personality profile.

 You’ll get to see where on the spectrum you fall for 6 key traits that are known to have an impact on workplace habits: assertiveness, competitiveness, conscientiousness, cooperativeness, extroversion, and openness.

Understanding your personality in the workplace is a key step in making sure that you’ll be comfortable in a given role. For example, data shows that introverted and extremely cooperative folks don’t usually make for top performing sales reps. Instead, they flourish in roles that are less intensely sales-focused. However, they would probably make a great office administrator or data analyst. Obviously, comfort in a role stems from lots of different places – your specific background, your skill set, the company you’d be working for… There are a lot of variables at play! Personality is always just one factor in determining if you’re the right fit for the job.

You’ll also find development suggestions based on your three most notable traits. These will offer some different ideas to help you grow professionally. And because there is a yin to every yang, understanding your strengths often means recognizing your weaknesses that result from them. The most effective way to grow is to step outside your comfort zone every once in a while!

And unlike our other games, this one has no wrong answers because there’s no such thing as a “wrong personality”. Finished with JobFlare Insights? JobFlare hiring partners will now see your personality results when you apply to one of their positions. It’s a great way to give the hiring manger a peek behind your resume and understand the basics of your personality. This can be a wonderful jumping off point in an interview and for insuring good job fit.  Even if you choose not to apply to a JobFlare hiring partner, the JobFlare Insights results can still be useful! You can use the insights you’ve gained from the personality quiz when you apply to any job. They can help you when crafting your cover letter, or leveraging the positives of your personality in an interview.

We hope that you have fun learning a little bit more about yourself. If you have any questions about the quiz or understanding your results, reach out to us at! We’re here to help.