We’ve done a total overhaul of the app! To improve your experience, we’ve added some key features, changed others, and made some great upgrades we think you’ll get a lot from.

Check out all these shiny new features:

New Ranking system

Bye-bye levels, hello stars! Each star earned is an achievement that highlights your brain power to employers. Earn all five stars and you’ll unlock the opportunity to work with one of our career coaches.


And fear not! You won’t lose any progress: if you already earned badges in the older version of JobFlare, these will be converted to an equivalent star ranking.

Job Inbox

Introducing the Job Inbox, a new way to get jobs from JobFlare directly in the app! Earn an overall score of 500+ and you’ll unlock this special mailbox.  Each day you’ll be sent a fresh batch jobs you might be interested in. Organize your favorites, forward them to your email, or apply on your phone!



In the job inbox, you may receive openings from special Flare-ified Employers, marked with the blue check. These are JobFlare Partners who will see your star ranking when you apply to their position. Don’t worry if you don’t get any Flare-ified jobs yet. We carefully choose our partners, so it may take some time to expand to your area.

New Performance Tab

Changing over to the Star System meant that we needed to overhaul our performance tab!


New key features include:

  • Displaying stars you’ve earned
  • Charting your course on the way to your next star
  • Your scores for each category (Mental Fitness, Verbal, and Math).

New Homepage layout

We decided to save you some scrolling! The games are now organized into rows of three. This makes it easier for us to add more games in the future. You can still tap on your score banner to see your score progress over time. In addition, we now give you guidance about what game you should try to play next to boost your score.