Modern-day Recruitment: The Role of Social Media in Finding the Right Talent


Employment is a much bigger challenge for us than it seems. 70% of the world’s population seeks good jobs and the rest 30% seeks good employees. Recruitment is as challenging and tiresome as seeking a job. The progress of a company depends on its employees to a large extent. Thus recruitment is a bigger responsibility than it seems.

Fortunately, social media has started playing a vital role in the recruitment process these days. Social media is more than just a platform where people post pictures. It has become a primary platform for interaction that does not just connect you with your distant relatives and friends but also brings you in contact with employers. Therefore, social media has become a helpful tool for recruiters seeking efficient employees.

Let’s dive in on how – and why – you can effectively recruit new employees with social media.

1. Save money with more cost-effective tools.

Recruiters usually hire agencies and referrals to communicate with candidates looking for a job. In return, they pay handsome amounts to these agencies. If we talk about social media, it is much easier to operate the system. You can find almost everyone on social media and the pace at which news and information is passed on, via this platform, is commendable. The best part about using social media sites for recruitment is that it does not charge you to send around a job vacancy and ask for candidates.

2. Reach a highly targeted audience of job seekers.

Social media has several tools and features that help a company or a recruiter to identify their target audience and exchange information with them. Once the target audience is known, it becomes easy to communicate and also pass on a job vacancy or information. The company can go through a user’s profile and see if they are fit enough or suitable enough for the job profile. The cultural background of the candidate can be observed keenly with the help of social media and therefore hiring becomes easier. In such cases, when the audience comes from another foreign culture, you can make use of other tools, such as simultaneous translation equipment, to overcome the language barrier.

3. Spread the word quickly and fill your openings faster.

If you consider a traditional hiring method and use it to connect to suitable candidates who might be interested in working for you, it could take you months to achieve a list of 100. While if you consider using social media sites for the same task, they would filter the users that must be targeted for the information and send the job vacancy to them. If the receiver of the information has in mind someone who would be suitable for the role, it would be extremely easy for them to share the information. Therefore, the rate at which social media works to spread the word is 10 times faster than the traditional methods.

4. Make international payroll easier.

International Payrolls are a task for companies that hire employees from across borders. Paying them becomes a task when there are countless formalities involved. That is when PEO companies come to play. These companies act as an employer for international employees on behalf of their client, which is the original employer company. These PEO agencies take care of most formalities like HR, payroll, insurance, benefits, and risk management. NHGlobal Partners is one of the leading PEO agencies that have been handling employment and payments for several big companies.

5. Connect with passive candidates.

Various professionals could be perfectly suited for the job role you offer and you might be the right company for them. However, these professionals might not be enrolled in any agencies. Such candidates are known as passive candidates. Since they cannot be contacted via any traditional hiring methods, Social media is the only possible way to bring them on board. LinkedIn and other social media platforms, help you to get in touch with such candidates, and offer them suitable job roles.


Recruitment can be a very tough process if one was to follow the traditional hiring methods. However, if you use social media sites like LinkedIn, recruiting could become a much easier task. These sites filter the target audience for you and help you communicate with them. It spreads the information about a job vacancy at a much faster rate, compared to the traditional methods. Since it does not charge you a penny, it is a more cost-effective method. PEO agencies that manage HR, payroll, insurance, benefits, and risk management for different companies make the work even easier. The social sites also allow you to contact the passive candidates that traditional methods might fail to connect with.