The beginning of the year is an exciting time. We set goals for ourselves and do our best to meet them even though 80 percent of people ditch their resolutions by the second week of February. If your New Year’s resolution is to find a new job – try to hang in there, at least until March.  The start of the year is the best time to find a job, hands down. The setting is perfect for transitioning into a new company or role. This time of year is ripe with prospects that are yours for the taking.

But what is it that makes the few couple month of the year so golden for finding work? There are two main things that drive this flurry of hiring. We’ll let you in on the whys and the hows that will help you capitalize on the season of job opportunity.

New Hires for New Initiatives

Companies spend the last few weeks of the year determining their strategy for the next one. After a company clearly outlines their goals for the year, they recognize the roles they’ll need to hire for in order to reach these goals. They determine their key objectives and allocate the appropriate budget to each one. Because the end of the year is overwhelmed with reviews and wrap-ups, managers often press pause on hiring. However, once they know what money they will have for the new staff, they can post new positions that they need to fill.

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The result? A flood of fresh listings in early to mid-January! As an added bonus, employers are looking to make their new hires quickly so they can get people brought up to speed and start contributing to objectives. Most companies do quarterly check-ins on big, company-wide initiatives and they want to stay on target. Do yourself a favor and filter jobs by “date added” and ride the wave of openings. The start of the year is the best time to find a job because it’s also the time when each team’s goals are well-defined.

An End to Winter Vacation Season

Key decision makers – hiring managers, team leads, and HR – get caught up in the brisk winds of the holiday season.  They’re out of the office, traveling, and using up vacation time that won’t roll over. November and December are some of the slowest hiring months of the year for everyone (except big-box retailers) because scheduling interviews becomes a nightmare. In January, everyone gets back on a normal work schedule.

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Now all the people involved in the hiring decision are back in the same building. They can start reviewing resumes, bringing in candidates, and finding the best fit for their team. What does this mean for you? The pull of the Super Massive Resume Black Hole weakens (at least somewhat) and you’ve got to get your resume ready to go. Because someone is actually going to read it. 

So if your New Year’s resolution is to seize new opportunities, the time is now. Feeling a little unprepared to strike while the hiring iron is hot? Check out more content for tips and tricks to help you get hired.