Top 10 Industries Hiring During the Coronavirus Outbreak

These are uncertain times. Whether you’ve been looking for work for a while, you’ve been laid off, or you’re coming up on graduation, concerns about the job market is building. It felt like things were finally starting to favor job seekers, more than a decade after the 2008 Recession. But, in the third week of March 2019 alone, over 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment. An unprecedented record, almost 5 times that of the previous record – 700,000 filings in October of 1982.

We’ve written plenty of guides to help you find work over the years. We never considered that we’d have to add a section on “Job Hunting During a Pandemic”. But here we are anyways. As always, we want to support you and help you find meaningful work. Even during a pandemic. Especially during a pandemic.

There is a lot to be anxious about – job security, paying your bills, staying healthy. These anxieties are warranted and understandable. Honestly, it’d be weird if you weren’t feeling apprehensive about everything that’s going on. The job market is flipping back to favoring employers like it did during the Great Recession. But there’s a silver lining. It’s not effecting all industries equally. The pandemic is catalyzing an employment boom in a bunch of different sectors of the economy. As a job seeker, you’ll still have the upper hand in getting hired for certain industries.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 industries hiring during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Healthcare Industry

During a world-wide health crisis, healthcare workers are going to be in high demand. Nursing jobs, medical assistant jobs, radiation therapist jobs (and so many others) are saving countless lives and hospitals are onboarding as fast as they can. The current state of the world means that your first few months on the job will be trial by fire, but it’s a great way to stress test healthcare as a career path for you.

Jobs in the healthcare industry will provide significant job security in an uncertain future – even after the coronavirus pandemic ends. If you’re not interested in working in hospitals, but still want to be in the healthcare field, consider becoming a home health aide. It’s a great entry level job that requires no experience, but it’s still very rewarding.

2. Laboratory Testing Industry

Countries all around the world are working to develop accurate, rapid testing for COVID-19. Lab technician jobs and research assistant jobs are in high demand. You’d be running tests and determining results. Clinical Research Assistant is a great job for introverts with a scientific background who enjoy routine.  Accurate and careful lab testing not only saves the lives of patients, but also protects countless others from exposure.

3. Logistics Industry

With the CDC recommending as little contact with the outside world as possible, everyone’s turning to Amazon to get what they need. Whether it’s groceries, medicine, or something to help set up a home office at their coffee table, online retailers are busier than they’ve ever been. On an average month, Amazon alone ships over 200 million packages – almost 7 million per day! While numbers have yet to be released on increased shipped since the coronavirus outbreak began, we know their numbers are going up (they’re hiring over for 100,000 warehouse jobs if you’re interested). So who keeps track and makes sure you get what you’ve order?

That would be the logistics industry. They make sure everything that’s coming from somewhere gets to where it’s going. Freight brokerage jobs, logistics sales jobs, and jobs across the transportation industry are all clamoring for applicants. An increasingly globalized world requires a robust league of logistics specialists – and they’re more important now than ever before.

4. Data Analytics Industry

We know that the pandemic is bad – but how bad exactly? It’s the brave folks in the data analytics industry that are crunching the numbers and giving us the most accurate look possible. Getting a job as an entry-level data analyst does typically require a bachelor’s degree, specifically in data science or statistics.

Even when the world goes back to normal, data analytics will be responsible for quantifying the impact that COVID-19 had on the world. They’ll also help researchers and world leaders understand key steps that can be taken in the future to prevent the spread of mass illness in the future.

5. Telecommuting Software

Few tech companies are thriving during coronavirus the way that telecom companies are. It’s no wonder telecommuting companies are among the top 10 industries hiring during the coronavirus outbreak. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Slack. The pandemic is going to change the way we work as a society, permanently. All those office jobs they said couldn’t be done remotely? Apparently, they can! And it’s all thanks for telecommuting software. Telecommuting companies are hiring for customer support, software engineering, and sales during these crazy times.

6. Information Technology

Infotech workers have made it possible for a record number of people to work from home for the first time ever. It also means that they’re now dealing with dozens of makeshift home offices instead of a single main one. Many IT support companies are hiring now to help manage the influx of support requests they’re getting. There are jobs for every level of experience in the information technology industry.

Jobs for IT security are also in high demand. Hackers never sleep, it seems. IT workers allow millions of others to keep their jobs and stay safe while doing it. And, as the world shifts more towards remote work, information technology workers will remain vital to the working world.

7. Distance Learning Companies

Out for summer. Out till fall. We might not come back at all. School’s out forever. Perhaps Alice Cooper is a prophet. But just because schools are closed for the foreseeable future, doesn’t mean that learning stops.

Teachers were (amazingly) able to adapt their lesson plans overnight to online schooling with the help of distance learning platforms. Distance learning platforms are the kid version of telecommuting software. Support specialist jobs are needed to help get older teachers and professors set up on the platform and keep everything running smoothly.

Even for people who are out of school, online learning programs are doing great. Since you’re quarantined, you might as well learn something new, right? Sites like Khan Academy, Udemy, or Skillshare offer thousands of online classes and tutorials – and they’re hiring too.

8. Digital Entertainment

Movie theaters: closed. Broadway shows: canceled. Library: on the contrary. Quarantine snacks aren’t the only thing we’re binging. We’re all cooped up in our homes, and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are the only things keeping us from being bored out of our minds.

While filming has been paused industry-wide, digital entertainment services are still hiring. Whether it’s customer support, dubbing & subtitling, or content acquisition, positions at digital entertainment companies are all waiting to be filled.

9. Construction

Hopefully, cities are taking note of the reduced traffic and doing roadwork while we’re all housebound. Many construction companies are classified as essential businesses during the pandemic, depending on where and what they’re building. They’re helping construct shelters, hospitals, low-income housing, and other public works facilities. Think water, electricity, and sewage. They’re making sure that life stays as normal as possible for millions of Americans.

Construction work can be performed safely, and construction companies are observing proper safety measures. Many construction companies are struggling to find enough workers to fill their job sites.

10. Manufacturing

Manufactures are doing their best to adapt to society’s needs during the coronavirus outbreak. Many companies are working to retool and restructure their lines to make PPE, ventilators, and sanitizing products. To keep their workers safe, they’re putting protective measures in place, and employing people to help with deep cleaning between shifts. So it’s not surprise that manufacturing companies are part of the top 10 industries hiring during the coronavirus outbreak.

BONUS: Remote companies

For companies that already have a fully remote workforce, work days haven’t changed too much (even when life outside of work certainly has). Companies like Basecamp,, and other software service companies are perfect to apply to right. While there will be a lot of competition, remote jobs allow you to shelter-in-place and make a living.

During these troubling and economically uncertain times, it’s difficult to find your way forward. If you’re looking for work during coronavirus, make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Consider recalibrating your job search to focus on the top 10 industries hiring during the coronavirus outbreak. This could be a temporary shift in your career goals, or it could open the door to a robust and fulfilling career you never expected.  And at the very least, you’ll have the perfect answer when you’re asked about “a time that you overcame a challenge” in any future job interviews.