Looking to start a new job? Are you trying to find a stable career path? Or do you felt like your last job was in a stagnant industry? It’s important to consider jobs that are in-demand and recession-proof. To find these qualities, focus on growing industries.

Simply put: starting your career in growing industries will make it easier to find gainful employment, build a valuable skillset, and help you climb up that career ladder. These industries are growing rapidly in the United States and are projected to keep growing for years to come.

Want to know where to look?

Explore these 8 in-demand industries that are brimming with job prospects!

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy now accounts for 20% of all electrical energy generated in the US! An impressive amount, considering that the US Energy Information Association projected we’d only be at 9% by 2035. Renewables are amazing, and not just because they’re saving the planet. They’re also responsible for adding hundreds of thousands of high-paying blue-collar jobs to the US economy. Out of the 4 million Americans employed in clean energy, 777,000 of them work in the renewables sector. Since the early 2000s, solar energy alone has grown 24.5% since 2015. The two fastest growing jobs in the US are both in renewable energy: solar panel installers and wind turbine service technicians are expected to grow 105% and 96% by 2026, according to the BLS.

Green Construction

Going green is no passing fad, especially for the construction industry! People are more concerned with environmental sustainability than ever before. The meteoric rise of green construction is no coincidence. Green construction is a triple threat: it protects the environment, builds brand trust with consumers, and it saves money on construction costs. Big industry trends like energy efficiency, water conservation, and cloud computing have been picking up steam for years. Sustainable building practices employ 3.3 million Americans and added $303 billion to the GDP in the last three years alone.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is taking the marketing world by storm. As our lives continue to become more intertwined with the digital world, digital ads will continue to increase in popularity. The demand for digital marketing skills is growing 30% faster than general marketing skills. The most sought-after skills are content marketing & digital analytics, for which demand grew 450% and 152% respectively in the last five years. In the US alone, it’s projected that digital marketing spend will exceed $120 billion by 2021, up almost 45% from the current spend of $83 billion.

Virtual Reality

More than ever, people are looking for an escape from their daily lives. Virtual reality offers experience that lets people learn, explore, and play in a more immersed way than ever before. The VR market will reach $12 billion in 2018, doubled from 2017. By 2020, VR is expected to be a $40 billion dollar industry. Personal entertainment makes up the largest piece of the consumer pie. But the healthcare and defense industries are also driving demand for VR products and services. Because it’s such a young industry, you can get in on the ground floor if you’re willing to put in the time: creative minds and developers are in high demand.


The rise of online shopping giants like Amazon have forced other big box stores to transition from bricks to bytes. 79% of all Americans shop online – expecting to generate at least $460 billion in sales this year. It affords convenience, privacy, and easy comparison between products. Online shopping is here to stay, as are the jobs that this booming industry is creating. Companies like Amazon are creating job growth and wage gains alongside their increase in productivity. In Kentucky, for example, the average retail employee makes $39,575 while a general retail employee makes $21,534 – a 45% difference in pay!

Personal Finance

The market crash in 2008 devastated millions of Americans. Particularly from the loss of retirement funds. Even though the economy has bounced back since then, Americans continue to take an aggressive approach to financial planning in case something happens again. Because of this, the personal finance industry has taken off. The BLS estimates that the personal finance industry will grow 15% between 2016 and 2026. Financial advisors are in high demand and see corresponding pay checks. The average personal financial advisor makes more than $90,000 a year!

Cyber Security

These days, security includes the digital realm just as much as the physical world. The Building Internet of Things (the interconnectedness of devices on a singular network for building management), data breach protection, and cloud computing are disrupting the industry. Everyone, from the US government to corporate giants like JP Morgan to small-sized business, have increased their security budgets to thwart cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity is projected to grow between 12% and 15% year-over-year through 2022. The security industry currently employs 812,000 people in the US and generates $34 billion in annual revenue, so a career in security is surely secure.


Healthcare remains one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, year after year. The BLS projects that the healthcare industry will grow 18% between 2016 and 2026. This will add 2.4 million jobs to the US economy. The most in-demand roles include home health aides, nurses, and physician assistants. If you want a career with great job security, pay, and benefits, consider working in the healthcare industry.

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