If you’re looking to jump into a new career, it pays to choose a field that’ll last. Finding a new job is frustrating and time-consuming. No one wants to be back at it sooner than they have to be!

Because of this, it’s important to look at booming industries when searching for a new job. These are fields that are currently experiencing growth in the United States and are projected to keep growing long-term. Entering a growing field doesn’t just make it easier to find a job in the first place. It also reduces your risk of being laid off, improves your chances of upward mobility in the industry, and helps you build skills that will remain marketable and valuable for years to come.

Want to know where to look?

Check out these 9 in-demand industries that are exploding with opportunity!

Event Planning

Projected Growth by 2024: 10%

Estimated new jobs added: 9,900

Are you the highly organized life-of-the-party in your friend group? Then event planning might be right up your alley! This field is expected to increase because companies have recognized the positive impact that conventions, meetings, and events have had on their businesses.

If you can handle a fast-paced and demanding job, this is a field you should consider. To be successful as an event planner, you need to be meticulous, able to think on your feet, and maintain composure (especially when emotions run high!). A bachelor’s degree in hospitality, tourism, or planning can also give you an edge when applying for jobs in this field.


Projected Growth by 2024: 10%

Estimated new jobs added: 700,000

If you like being outdoors and working with your hands, check out a career in construction. The field is expected to grow from 6.5 million to 7.2 million jobs in just 10 years. Across the nation, there is a demand for both new construction and renovation of infrastructure. The need for better roads, bridges, buildings, and homes is driving this industry’s growth.

While the job is often physically demanding, the need for this kind of work doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in the coming years. The industry is highly diverse, as construction requires many different types of workers to get the job done right. Construction companies need carpenters, electricians, roofers, and equipment operators, just to name a few. If you loved shop class or enjoy the process of creating something from the ground up, check out the construction industry!

Information Technology

Projected Growth by 2024: 12%

Estimated new jobs added: 489,000

If you’ve always been a techie, now is the time to pursue your passion professionally! The advent of big data, increased emphasis on cloud computing, and all of the rapid advancements in technology make this the place to be.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is important for most employment opportunities, but having a solid understanding of computers and interest in the field can open a lot of doors. The diversity of jobs in this field means there’s something for almost everyone. If you’re great at troubleshooting and have a creative side, working as a software developer or a programmer might be a viable choice. If you prefer helping others and have great communication skills, check out support specialist positions.

Technological advancement isn’t going to slow down anytime soon (it’s way more likely that things are just going to come faster and faster), so if you want job security and love learning new things, look no further than the tech industry.

Green Energy & Sustainability

Projected Growth by 2024: 16%

Estimated new jobs added: 61,000

Going green with your career could be a great way to rake in the green! With private citizens and corporations caring more about their impact on the environment, companies are hiring people to help put sustainability models in place. The single fastest growing job (across all industries!!) is for wind turbine technicians, also known as “windtechs”. The projected growth for windtechs is 108% by 2024! No degree is required to get a job as a windtech, but there are technical school programs that will help you learn everything you need to know.

Environmental and civil engineering are also expected to grow by 8-12% in the next 7 years, adding a combined 20,000 jobs to the economy. These fields require specialized engineering degrees, but if you’re passionate about making a difference in the health of the planet, getting a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering may be the way to go.

This is a great industry to go into if you want to help companies reduce their carbon footprint, help states better manage their natural resources, work with green non-profit agencies, or if you’re an avid environmental activist.


Projected Growth by 2024: 17%

Estimated new jobs added: 10,000

In case you haven’t been paying attention, biotech is booming. The population is aging, but medical advancements are being made at every turn to keep people healthy for as long as possible. Job growth in this field is increasing rapidly, and demand for biomedical engineers and biological technicians abounds.

Because technology is progressing rapidly, biotechnicians and biomedical engineers will be able to explore a wide range of different applications, from working with genetic information to cancer-treating technologies. You’d enjoy working in this field if you like doing lab work, enjoy research, and feel satisfied when helping others. A love of scientific discovery is vital!

Market Research

Projected growth by 2024: 19%

Estimated new jobs added: 93,000

Companies today have unprecedented amounts of data on their consumers. They need employees who can mine that data so that the company can target their customers’ wants and needs. Market research is all about gathering information on the desires of consumers. It can measure how marketing campaigns or changes in a business’s core strategies have effected their bottom line.

Working in Market Research means that you’re predicting sales trends, defining new possible markets and developing advertising geared towards them, and working with lots and lots of data (both collecting and interpreting!).  Nearly all industries require market research to be successful, so choose a field you find interesting and search for jobs in market research if this sounds like a match for you!


Projected growth by 2024: 19%

Estimated new jobs added: 2,300,000

Advancements in healthcare have people living longer than ever before. People are more likely to go see a doctor for health issues and medical technology is creating new and exciting ways to catch and treat diseases like never before! Specialized workers are in particularly high demand, including many careers that only require an associate’s degree or certification. Ultrasound technologists (24% growth), dental hygienists (19% growth), MRI technologists (9% growth), and radiation therapists (14% growth) are just a few of the positions experiencing rapid growth in the medical field. If needles and blood make you feel a bit queasy – but you still want to work with patients – becoming a medical assistant (23% growth) could be right for you. They handle the day-to-day paperwork, patient intake, and billing in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

If helping others lead healthy lives and being on the cusp of medical advancement sounds fulfilling and exciting, check out a job in healthcare!

Translation & Interpretation

Projected growth by 2024: 29%

Estimated new jobs added: 17,500

The world is more connected than ever before! The advent of the Internet and social media have driven more global communication. In the US, we are rapidly becoming more diverse, with 1 in 5 Americans speaking a foreign language at home. Interpreters work with spoken or sign language while translators work specifically with text. The need for bilingual workers, translators, and interpreters is predicted to jump because of the influx of non-English speakers in the US. Interpreters are in especially high demand in hospitals, airports, schools, and court rooms. Translators can work in any industry where there is a heavy emphasis on written communication: publishing, news, healthcare, and the courtroom.

If you want to become an interpreter or translator, you (obviously) must be fluent in at least one other language, often with a certification or formal training from an accredited program. Having clear communication skills is also key!

Home Healthcare

Projected Job Growth by 2024: 38%

Estimated new jobs added: 350,000

With the aging of the Baby Boomers, the call for in-home care is louder than ever. The need for home health aides is projected to spike in the next few years, and the current shortage of home health aides to support the 48 million senior Americans only adds to the hiring frenzy. By 2050, there will be 88 million seniors in the United States, so demand in this field is expected to keep skyrocketing!

Home health aides can work in assisted living facilities, private homes, or day service programs. This is a great job for you if you’re dependable, enjoy helping others, have great attention to detail, and can make anyone feel comfortable when they’re with you.