JobFlare for Colleges & Universities

Give your students the opportunity to stand out in their job search beyond their resumes while on-campus and after graduation.

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    How Students Can Get More with JobFlare

    Students Download JobFlare for Free

    Students sign up for free with their University email address, complete their application, and upload their resume. Students can then easily apply to on-campus jobs, internships, and full-time jobs from their phones with just two taps.

    Invite Job Seekers to Apply

    Students Complete Our Games and Assessments

    Our series of short scientifically validated brain games help students assess their skills and abilities with an easy to interpret Player Card. Students can also take our Personality Insights test to understand where they land within key traits measuring job success.

    Job Seeker Playing Brain Games to Get Hired

    Take the Careers Quiz to Determine Potential Career Paths

    Students can complete our careers quiz to identify and understand jobs that fit their interests and skillset. Students can then access career advice resources to help them get a job in their desired profession.

    Pre-Screened Applicants Apply to Jobs

    Give Your Students an Edge Before and After Graduation

    When your students are getting close to graduation they will become discoverable to our hiring partners. Since they will already have their cognitive aptitude scores, employers will invite them to apply for their entry-level job postings based on their scores alone. This takes the work out of job searching for your students, so they can focus on finishing up their coursework and graduating.

    Entry Level Job Candidate

    The Benefits of JobFlare to Your School

    Post On-Campus Jobs

    Add all campus jobs to your app. It is easy for students to see available jobs on-campus and apply through the app. Scores, applications, and resumes are delivered via email when a student applies.

    Post Jobs from Companies Hiring Students and Recent Grads

    Whether you are partnering with local businesses or interested in inviting our hiring companies to recruit at your school, it is easy for students to view and quickly apply to other jobs in the app.

    Message Students Directly In-App

    With our in-app messaging, students will receive all notifications right to their phones. Whether you want to invite them to an interview, are requesting additional information, or need to make an on-campus announcement, alerts are delivered in real-time and students will receive an email if they do not open the message in 24 hours.

    JobFlare is Completely Free for Colleges and Universities

    Unlike tools like Handshake, Simplicity, and CollegeCentral, JobFlare University is completely free. That means you can post your on-campus jobs, internships, and internal jobs at absolutely no cost.

    The Job Search Doesn’t Have to Suck.
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