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Our mission is to help job seekers stand out by highlighting their potential to employers.

JobFlare is a talent surfacing engine that connects you with smart candidates. Our users are looking to get started at a great company. You get awesome candidates and job seekers get awesome jobs – everyone wins.

Our Games

JobFlare evaluates job seekers’ potential with fast-paced brain games. Each game is designed to measure different aspects of their cognitive aptitude – the single greatest predictor of job success.

Our Users

Our users are young, smart, and capable. They’ve taken initiative in their job search and are eager to succeed.  Their star rating highlights their potential to grow with your company.

How it Works

With an ever-growing user base, JobFlare connects employers to high-quality talent. When job seekers apply to your open positions in-app, you gain access to their scientifically validated star rating, reflecting their potential.

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