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Identify and Evaluate Entry-Level Candidates.

JobFlare is the only early-career candidate recruiting platform that allows you to evaluate and identify talented candidates based on their cognitive aptitude, the #1 predictor of job success.

Hire Smarter with Brain Games

Bias-Free Hiring. It's Just Smarter.

JobFlare is the only recruiting platform that allows you to objectively evaluate candidates and identify top talent without bias. Job seekers enter your recruiting pipeline pre-evaluated with details on their cognitive aptitude, the #1 predictor of job success, making it easy for you to find the diamonds in the rough.

How Hiring with Brain Games Works

1. Job Seekers Play Brain Games

JobFlare’s brain games take traditional cognitive aptitude tests and gamify them for a much better user experience for candidates. Job seekers play our scientifically-validated brain games to earn their cognitive ability and achievement scores. This makes it possible for candidates to self-credential before even applying for jobs.

Job Seeker Playing Brain Games to Get Hired
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2. Candidates Enter Your Recruiting Funnel with Pre-Evaluated Cognitive Aptitude Scores

With JobFlare you’ll be able to see information about your candidates’ cognitive ability that’s impossible to convey with a resume. When a candidate enters your recruiting funnel you’ll have access to their achievement and cognitive ability scores. You’ll also be able to see ability subscores for traits like attention to detail, communication skills, and numerical prowess.

3. Objectively Review Job Seekers Based on Cognitive Ability

JobFlare makes a truly objective candidate review process possible. During your initial evaluation, you’ll only be able to see a candidate’s ability scores and initials. Hiding a candidate’s name and resume at the beginning of the funnel greatly reduces the impact of implicit hiring biases associated with race, gender, age, and religion.

Blind Resume Review
Invite Job Seekers to Apply

4. Invite Top Scoring Candidates to Apply for Your Jobs

Once you’ve identified talented candidates based on their scores you can invite them to apply right in the app. You can also set up automated outreach campaigns to automatically send application invites to job seekers that meet your pre-set criteria. It isn’t until after a candidate applies that their name and resume is revealed.

5. Make the Hire

Hiring with JobFlare allows you to hire the best and brightest candidates for the job. Job seekers with high cognitive aptitude scores are scientifically proven to have a better chance of succeeding in their role, so you can reduce employee turnover too!

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The Predictive Power of Cognitive Aptitude

Cognitive aptitude is the top predictor of success on the job, even more than experience and education. However, job seekers aren’t exactly chomping at the bit to willingly take assessment tests. That’s why we took cognitive aptitude assessments and turned them into fun mobile brain games. Our gamified aptitude tests are backed by science, just like traditional pre-employment tests, so your candidate’s aptitude is a great indicator of their ability to do the job.

Hiring with Game-Based Assessments

Learn How to Hire with Game-Based Assessments

Game-based assessments are a relatively new concept based on a recruiting technique that’s been around for decades, pre-employment testing. However, gamified aptitude tests offer recruiters a completely different range of benefits including a faster hiring process, objective candidate evaluation, and access to pre-screen applicants. Learn how to put these tools to use in your recruiting toolbox with our complimentary e-book.

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Streamline Your Recruiting Process

So, what is JobFlare anyways? A job board? A sourcing service? A pre-employment assessment platform? The simple answer is… All of the above! JobFlare is a comprehensive recruiting solution that provides a wide range of benefits.

Unique Benefits of JobFlare Connect

JobFlare isn’t simply a compilation of existing recruiting tools that already exist. By reimagining the hiring process JobFlare provides some exclusive benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.

Access to Pre-Evaluated Applicants

With JobFlare you’ll have access to our complete userbase of pre-evaluated job seekers and their scores. Candidates enter your hiring pipeline with detailed information on their cognitive abilities including problem-solving ability, memory, vocabulary, spatial reasoning, and mathematical ability. Using this information, you can save time and make better hiring decisions by focusing on high-scoring applicants that have what it takes to grow and develop with your organization.

Blind Recruitment Process for Bias-Free Hiring

If you let implicit biases influence your hiring decisions then there’s a good chance that you’re missing out on the best candidate for the job. Limiting the impact of hiring biases like gender and racial bias isn’t just a good business choice though, it’s simply the right thing to do. We’ve created a truly blind review process by hiding a candidate’s name and resume, only revealing cognitive aptitude scores for initial evaluation.

Automated Outreach to Top Candidates

Our automated outreach campaigns will share your job postings with the highest performing candidates in our userbase and invite them to apply in-app. No effort on your end, just determine your search parameters and we do the rest. When interested applicants apply their score reports, resume, and application are sent directly to you for review. Once you’ve found some intriguing talent, connect with them one-on-one and send them your job postings with our direct messaging feature.

Superior Candidate Experience

JobFlare creates a positive candidate experience for job seekers through the use of fun brain games that allow them to showcase their cognitive ability. Plus, job seekers can read all about your culture and perks in your company profile and then they can apply directly to your jobs in-app for a seamless experience.

How Can Brain Games Help Me Hire?

How Can Brain Games Help Me Hire?

Hiring isn’t easy. The hiring landscape is constantly evolving, meaning recruiters, HR managers, and hiring managers need to stay informed. Our extensive library of employer resources and hiring guides is here to help you navigate the everchanging world of recruitment.

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