Frequently Asked Questions

How is my overall score calculated?

Your overall score is an average of all your category scores. Play all the games in each category to receive your overall score.

How is my category score calculated?

Category scores are calculated as the average of your top three scores for each game within a category.

How is each game score calculated?

A game score is based on the number of answers you got correct, minus the number of incorrect answers. View the Score Details at the end of each game to see how many questions you answered correctly and better understand what your score indicates about your abilities.

How were JobFlare's games validated?

JobFlare games were validated against well-established aptitude tests, demonstrating strong correlations with job-related abilities. The game scores are derived from data based on norming groups.

Is JobFlare free?

Yes! The JobFlare app is free for job seekers.

Is JobFlare available on Android?

JobFlare is available for Android on the Google Play store.

Can I access JobFlare on my desktop computer?

For now, JobFlare can only be accessed on a mobile device, like iPhones, iPads, or Android phones. We are planning to create a desktop version in the future.

How does JobFlare connect me with jobs?

We send relevant job opportunities to you through your in-app Job Inbox.
When you apply to a Flare-ifiedJob, those employers have access to your star rating, showcasing your potential to employers.