Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ability Score?

The Ability Score reflects your potential & trainability to companies. It is scored out of 100 points.

Your ability score gives companies an overall impression of your cognitive aptitude, the best predictor of workplace success.

What is an Achievement Score?

The Achievement Score is a representation of your progress through game levels and is an indictor of your tenacity and dedication.

Your achievement score tracks your game progress and is evidence of your problem-solving prowess.

How are my game scores calculated?

Games use net scoring to determine your performance, which is determined by the total number of questions you answered, minus the number you answered incorrectly. For example, if you answered 25 questions total and got 5 wrong, you would have a net score of 15.

How are my category scores calculated?

Category scores show your percentile ranking – how well you did compared to all other players – in a specific subject. For example, if you’ve got a Verbal score of 77, this means you’ve done better on the verbal games than 77% of all other players.

How do I get to the next level of a game?

In order to pass the current level, you need to answer enough questions correctly to pass the orange marker on the progress bar. This marker represents the net score you need to pass the level.

The net score needed to pass varies from level to level and game to game, depending on difficulty.

How were JobFlare's games validated?

JobFlare games were validated against well-established aptitude tests, demonstrating strong correlations with job-related abilities. The game scores are derived from data based on norming groups.

Is JobFlare free?

Yes! The JobFlare app is free for job seekers.

Is JobFlare available in my country?

As of August 2020, JobFlare is available for download worldwide!

Is JobFlare available in my language?

JobFlare is only available in English at this time.

Is JobFlare available on Android?

JobFlare is available for Android on the Google Play store.

Can I access JobFlare on my desktop?

For now, JobFlare can only be accessed on a mobile device, like iPhones, iPads, or Android phones. We are planning to create a desktop version in the future.

How does JobFlare prepare me for an aptitude test?

JobFlare measures and hones the same skills that tradition aptitude tests do – but in different ways. Most cognitive assessments use a traditional test format, comparable to a standardized test like the ACT or SAT, in order to measure your potential. JobFlare uses mini games to determine the same skills.

It’s the fast, fun, and free way to prepare for aptitude tests.

Even though the format isn’t the same, JobFlare helps you sharpen your skills to help you prepare for your upcoming test.

How does JobFlare connect me with jobs?

We send relevant job opportunities to you through your in-app Job Inbox.
When you apply to a job from a JobFlare Partner, those employers can view your Player Card, showcasing your potential and strengths.

What is the Player Card?

Your Player Card is your way to signal your talent to companies. It’s sent directly to companies when you apply to positions on JobFlare. While a resume is useful, it’s hard to highlight your true potential when you’re just getting your career started. Your Player Card tracks your in-game stats and strengths, allowing you to stand out when you apply in-app.