How to Get a Job as a Web Developer in 2020

It’s the Age of the Internet. Our lives are interwoven with the very fabric of the World Wide Web, and that’s not going to change any time soon. If you love both design and the internet, and you have a knack for coding, you might make a great web developer. The most valuable web developers have great math skills and high attention to detail.  Download JobFlare today and prove to employers that you’ve got the skills it takes to succeed!

Since web development is a shiny new field, many developers are self-taught. Online resources, like Khan Academy or Stack Overflow, allow you to learn new programming languages on your own for free. If your learning style tends to need more personal instruction, there are courses and “boot camps,” both online and in-person that can teach your whatever you need to know.  As a web developer, you’ll be creating and maintaining websites for your clients or employers. The better you understand their needs and wants, the happier they will be with what you produce for them.

Did you know that more than 14% of web developers are self-employed? Working freelance requires a lot of discipline, but rewards you with ample flexibility. If you’re not interested in being an independent contractor, companies all over the world are always looking for the best and brightest to work for them.

Web Developer

US Median Salary
$66,130/year or $31.79/hour

Education Requirements
High School Diploma or GED
Associate’s Degree in Web Design, Programming, or Graphic Design is often preferred, but not necessary
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Graphic Design is a plus

Robot Risk Rating
Automation Risk Robot


You'd be great for this position if...
  • You’re independent
  • You enjoy a challenge
  • You’re patient
  • You’re able to channel your creativity
  • You’re not fazed by failure
  • You’re thirsty for knowledge
Robot Risk Rating


You'd be great for this position if...
  • You’re independent
  • You enjoy a challenge
  • You’re patient
  • You’re able to channel your creativity
  • You’re not fazed by failure
  • You’re thirsty for knowledge

Resume Tips for Web Developers

To have a successful career as a web developer, there are certain skills that hiring managers know to look for. Take inventory of these important qualities and emphasize them in your resume:

  • High attention to detail
  • Excellent work ethic
  • Solid organizational skills
  • Great problem solving capabilities
  • Time management
  • An eye for design
  • Able to thrive both on a team and as an individual

If you don’t have much on-the-job experience, include things like…

  • Fluency in multiple programming languages, like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, AngularJS, and NodeJS.
  • Any past experience working with webpage design. Creating a portfolio site is a great way to show off your skills to potential clients or employers!
  • Join a Hackathon! It’s a great way to get practice and network with other programming professionals.

If you’re still feeling stuck on what skills to list in your resume, check the job description! Hiring managers list the key qualities they’re looking for, so you can score serious points for including them.

Interview Pointers for Web Developers

Prior to your interview, be sure to think of examples of personal experience applicable to the role:

  • Talk about previous projects you’ve work on. Make sure to include the challenges and how you overcame them.
  • Explain what excites you about being a web developer. Enthusiasm goes a long way!
  • Discuss your favorite development tools or languages and why you love them.
  • Be ready to show what you know.  It’s not unusual for companies to ask about specific industry terms or to give coding exercises to their prospective hires.

Be prepared to answer questions like:

  • What do you find most exciting about coding? What aspect gives you the most grief?
  • How comfortable are you balancing multiple projects?
  • What skills are you most interested in learning?

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