Clinical Research Assistant Job Description Sample

Clinical Research Assistants are some of the most important entry-level jobs out there, so it’s vital to get this hire right. Hiring a fantastic Clinical Research Assistant or Clinical Research Associate begins with writing a great job description. The vast majority of research assistant job descriptions look the same, which doesn’t do to set you apart from the competition. Research assistant job descriptions should always be informational while remaining concise. Just provide job candidates with the info they need to know don’t hide any important details like salary information.

Below you’ll find a Clinical Research sample job description. While not all research assistants have the exact same set of responsibilities and requirements, we’ve identified the most common inclusions for research assistant job descriptions in the US. You’ll see that there’s a long list of responsibilities and required skills included. This is to give you an idea of what works best for the position you’re trying to fill, but we’d advise against including more than 8-10 of each in your job posting.

Research Assistant

Clinical Research Assistant Sample Job Description

YOUR ORGANIZATION is hiring a Clinical Research Assistant

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Full Time Job
Research Assistant Salary

A Day in the Life of a Clincal Research Assistant

  • Monitor clinical trials.
  • Take detailed notes on clinical trials.
  • Recruit and enroll study participants.
  • Communicate with study participants.
  • Organize spreadsheets and sort data.
  • Input data obtained from clinical research.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance of all protocols.
  • Prepare and present findings of research.
  • Create informed consents for clinical trials.
  • Prepare documentation of study protocols.
  • Organize focus groups and design experiments.
  • Collect initial research data through surveys and focus groups.

Skills and Experience Desired for a Clinical Research Associate

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Psychology or a related field preferred.
  • State Certification and License from The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.
  • Highly organized with good time management skills.
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills.
  • Advanced analytical thinking skills.
  • Prior experience with research and experimentation.
  • Great computer skills.
  • Understanding of scientific procedures and labratory equipment..
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Xcel and Google Sheets.
  • Strong attention to detail.
  • Great active-listening skills.
  • Self-starter who works well independently without supervision.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Strong people skills.
  • Excellent problem-solving ability.
Research Assistant

How This Role Contributes to the Future of the Company

[Example] As a clinical research assistant, you will assist in conducting important clinical trials every step of the way. In some cases, the findings of clinical trials can have an immense impact on a global scale. Advancement opportunities for Clinical Research Assistants are quite diverse, with career paths venturing into scientific, healthcare, education, and business tracks. The most common roles that a CRA immediately progresses to include Senior Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Project Manager, and Clinical Research Manager.

The Clinical Research Assistant Reports to [ Sponsor of Study / Company / Doctor / University Department ]

What to Expect from Our Hiring Process

  1. Within 1 week of applying, we’ll let you know if you’ve been selected for an interview.
  2. Complete our pre-employment assessment.
  3. 15-minute phone interview with our hiring team.
  4. 1:1 video interview with the manager you will report to.
  5. Final in-person interview with department heads and the hiring manager.
Plan your interview questions
Identify Top Talent

What to Look for in a Research Assistant

The majority of research assistants won’t have much hands-on experience outside of training and education, but there are still things to look for in a candidate, like personality traits that would make a candidate likely to succeed in the role. For example, clinical research associate candidates should have excellent attention to detail and organizational skills since they’re responsible for monitoring and reporting on the results of clinical trials. Research assistants should also have exceptional problem-solving skills and analytical thinking ability. Here are some more key traits to seek out in a Clinical Research Assistant.

Valuable Research Assistant Personality Traits

  • Analytical
  • High Integrity
  • Helpful
  • Accountable
  • Organized
  • Conscientious
  • Intelligent
  • Adaptable
  • Trustworthy
  • Creative
  • Curious
  • Cooperative
  • Flexible
  • Detail Oriented
  • Quick Learner

What Salary Range to Offer a Clinical Research Assistant

Like most careers, the appropriate salary range to offer a Clinical Research Assistant depends on certain factors like experience and location. More experienced candidates should obviously be compensated more than a candidate with little to no experience, which is the reason why DOE (depending on experience) is often included in the salary range for research assistant job postings. In general, salaries tend to be higher in large cities compared to smaller ones because of a higher cost of living, this is also the case for Clinical Research Assistants. Taking all of that into consideration, here is the average salary for research assistants by city.

Annual Average Research Assistant Salary by Experience

  • 0-1 Years: $39,320
  • 1-3 Years: $39,867
  • 4-6 Years: $44,860
  • 7-9 Years: $48,789
  • 10-14 Years: $51,746
  • 15+ Years: $57,369

U.S. Annual Average Research Assistant Salaries

  • San Francisco: $64,323
  • Los Angeles: $54,231
  • Minneapolis: $49,503
  • New York City: $49,234
  • Chicago: $45,949
  • Atlanta: $43,910
  • Miami: $43,513
  • Seattle: $43,367
  • Dallas: $42,367
  • Boston: $42,221

International Research Assistant Average Salaries

  • Vancouver: $38,000 CAD
  • Toronto: $35,360 CAD
  • Montreal: $32,000 CAD
  • London: £23,803
  • Edinburgh: £16,689
  • Berlin: €58,013
  • Paris: €35,232
  • Dublin: €25,000
  • Sydney: $65,857 AUD
  • Mexico City: MXN$324K

Source: 2020 hiring data provided by Glassdoor

Similar Job Titles to Clinical Research Assistant

  • Clinical Research Associate / CRA
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Biological Technician
  • Database Administrator
  • Research Assistant
  • Chemical Technician
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