Prepare to Get Hired.

Aptitude tests are widely used by companies to help make hiring decisions. JobFlare's brain games exercise the same skills these pre-employment tests are designed to measure. Hit the mental gym with JobFlare and prime your mind for aptitude testing.

Prepare to Get Hired.

Aptitude tests are widely used by companies to help make hiring decisions. While pre-employment exams aren’t fun, getting ready for them can be. Hit the mental gym with JobFlare and prime your mind for aptitude testing.

How to Pass An Aptitude Test

1. Find somewhere distraction free.

Somewhere quiet with stable internet connection. You don’t want to be disrupted during the test.

2. Warm up your brain.

This is the main benefit of the JobFlare app for test takers! Just like doing stretches before an intense workout, JobFlare brain games exercise your math, critical thinking, and verbal skills before the main event. After playing, you’re warmed up and ready to go!

3. Have some scrap paper.

Especially for the math questions, quickly jotting out the problem will help you arrive at the right answer.

4. Answer what you know.

Play to your strengths – if you know you’ve got really strong math skills and you’re likely to answer those correctly, it’s okay to spend a few extra seconds working it out, versus wasting a lot of time on a question you know you’ll sink a lot of time into.

5. If you don’t know something, that’s okay!

Eliminate the obviously incorrect answers and make an educated guess – then move on. It’s in your best interest to answer as many questions as you can.

6. Relax. 

It can be difficult not to worry about a test like this but remember that getting too stressed will hinder your performance.

Brain Games for Test Prep

With JobFlare’s brain games, you can get yourself ready for any cognitive tests that measure verbal, math, and mental agility. Use the JobFlare games to prepare for any kind of cognitive aptitude test:

  • Criteria Corp’s CCAT
  • The SHL General Ability Test
  • Wonderlic’s WonScore & Cognitive Ability Assessment
  • The Berke Problem-Solving Assessment
  • ApplicantPro’s Selective Hiring Assessment
  • The Watson-Glaser test by Psi
  • Predictive Index’s PI Cognitive Assessment

Our games are able to help get you read for any kind of cognitive test by helping you warm up and hone your skills. Keep in mind that JobFlare and these tests are not a one-to-one comparison. These tests use a typical standardized test format, while JobFlare created brain games that hone the same skills that the test evaluates in a vastly different way. JobFlare games are not an exact practice test, but they do help you practice the skills you’ll need for the test.

JobFlare's Games

Don’t let their fun exterior fool you! These games measure and train the same skills that companies use aptitude tests to evaluate. Each of our games are scientifically validated against real questions on industry-leading aptitude tests.

Playing JobFlare games before an aptitude test can help you evaluate your strengths and shortcomings, and then spend a little extra time to train and round out your weaker areas.

Mental Acuity and Focus Games

Ready to fine-tune your laser focus? JobFlare’s mental fitness games tap into your attention to detail, concentration, and memory! You’ll be able use these games to super-charge your attentiveness all while training you brain to hone in on any little detail.

Click on each game to better understand exactly what skills they help sharpen and why employers are interested in them.

Robot Inspector

This fast-paced spot-the-difference game assesses your attention to detail. Players with high Robot Inspector scores take care to ensure that work is accurate, catch and correct their own mistakes, and consistently communicate clearly.

Fast Friends

This quick memory game tests your information retention. High scores in Fast Friends mean that what you learn doesn’t go in one ear and out the other — you’re able to quickly process and recall information.

Want to know exactly how these games can help prepare your for an aptitude test? Check out our full guide to preparing for mental agility questions. You’ll see some real CCAT example questions, learn how to find the answer, and how the games help you prepare for them.

Preparing for Attention to Detail Questions with JobFlare >> 

Verbal Games

Fancy yourself a gifted lexicographer? Put your vocabulary skills to the test with JobFlare’s verbal games. You’ll be able to turn your brain into a finely-tuned Whether you’re looking to expand your vocabulary or you’re an obligate verbivore, these word games will put your brain to work.

Click on each game to get a deeper understanding about why employers measure your vocabulary when you apply for a job.

Words of a Feather

This game taps into your vocabulary and sees just how impressive your verbal abilities are. High scores in this game mean that you have a strong grasp of the English language, and point to clear and impactful written communication skills.

Mumble Jumble

This game packs a one-two punch of cognitive assessment: Mumble Jumble explores your verbal ability and your spatial reasoning all at once. Strong spatial reasoning skills highlight how well you can absorb and apply new information and apply it to the situation.

Need some pointers to help you get ready for the verbal questions on aptitude tests like the CCAT? Review our verbal-specific CCAT test prep guide to better understand the kinds of questions you’ll see, along with how to find their answers and which JobFlare games will best help you get ready.

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Math Games

Let’s see how fast you can crunch these numbers! Since most aptitude tests don’t allow you to use a calculator, it’s a good idea to brush up your math skills.  JobFlare’s quantitative reasoning games are designed to measure and boost your mental math and estimation abilities.

Click on each game to learn how each game can help prepare you for an aptitude test, as well as why employers care about math skills.

Weigh Station

This simple game examines your mental math skills. You won’t have access to a calculator during the test, so it’s a good idea to keep your mental math skills sharp. High scores indicate a player with strong mathematic abilities; mathematically-minded employees have strong problem-solving abilities and are able to analyze and interpret data more easily.


Infruition is designed to measure your logical thinking, along with a neat little thing called your Approximate Number Sense (ANS) – the ability to estimate without actually counting. A person’s ANS is directly correlated with higher-level math skills. Estimation can come in handy when trying to work through complicated math problems quickly. Players who score highly in Infruition are likely to have robust critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Want to get a better idea of the kinds of quantitative question you’ll see on an aptitude test? Take a look at our our math-focused CCAT test prep guide to better understand the kinds of questions you’ll see and how to solve them,  plus understanding how JobFlare games help sharpen your core skills before the test.

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