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JobFlare is the free, fun, and effective way to train your brain for the job hunt.

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JobFlare for Test Prep

With JobFlare, you’re hitting the mental gym! You’ll train your brain with our 90-second games — each one focusing on a different part of your cognitive aptitude:

  • Math Skills
  • Verbal Ability
  • Critical Thinking
  • Attention to Detail
  • Memory

How JobFlare Helps

As you hone your cerebral strength, you’ll set yourself apart from other job candidates. Employers use aptitude tests to find the best & brightest to join their teams — JobFlare can help you prepare for exams like the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test.

Train Your Brain

JobFlare prepares you for these tests by sharpening your cognitive abilities. These tests won’t look like our games, but our games are still a great warm up to get you ready to take on whatever comes your way.

By pushing yourself to improve your scores, you’ll beef up your brainpower each day. Get those reps in!

The Games

Robot Inspector

This fast-paced spot-the-difference game assesses your attention to detail. Players with high Robot Inspector scores take care to ensure that work is accurate, catch and correct their own mistakes, and consistently communicate clearly.

Expert Witness

This quick memory game tests your information retention. High scores in Expert Witness mean that what you learn doesn’t go in one ear and out the other — you’re able to quickly process and recall information.

Words of a Feather

This game taps into your vocabulary and sees just how impressive your verbal abilities are. High scores in this game means that you have a strong grasp of the English language, and point to clear and impactful written communication skills.

Mumble Jumble

This game packs a one-two punch of cognitive assessment: Mumble Jumble explores your verbal ability and your spatial reasoning all at once. Strong spatial reasoning skills highlight how well you can absorb and apply new information and apply it to the situation.

Weigh Station

This simple game examines your mental math skills. High scores indicate a player with strong mathematic abilities; mathematically-minded employees have strong problem-solving abilities and are able to analyze and interpret data more easily.


Infruition is designed to measure your logical thinking, along with a neat little thing called your Approximate Number Sense (ANS) – the ability to estimate without actually counting. A person’s ANS is directly correlated with higher-level math skills. Players who score highly in Infruition are likely to have robust critical thinking and problem-solving skills.